What is Sistahgirlfriend Network (SGN)?

Sistahgirlfiend Network (SGN) is an empowerment group inspired by sisterhood.  SGN was founded by Sharlene Chisolm, a Registered Nurse/ Family Nurse Practitioner, and Danielle White, a Licensed Social Worker.  

The name, “Sistahgirlfiend,” was inspired by the poem of the same name, penned by the talented queen, Zora Howard.  Hearing this poem live on July 4, 2014,  sent chills down the duo’s spine and further glued them together, but now with a new title. Back before City Girl summer and Hot girl summer, we were reminded of the strength in our sisterhood by this poem.  This poem felt as though it was written for us and it continues to remind us that during our lowest times we can always count on our Sistahgirlfriends to remind us who we are and how far we've come. 

Take a listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH8ogHF13lQ

Twitter: zoraspeaks



Thank you, Ms. Howard for the permission to use your poem's name.  


  • Posted by Penny Sacca on

    You both are totally fabulous! Awe inspiring and a pleasure to know!, god bless you and may you continue to shine beautifully and brightly!,,

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