We were essential before you deemed us to be.

We were essential before you deemed us to be.

Is it just me or does it constantly feel like you are expected to have it all together?

As a registered nurse working at the bedside in a neurological intensive care unit, I hear the same questions, revolving in my head.

“Make sure your medications are on time.”

“Can you please come down to the pharmacy to pick up the medications?”

“Make sure you label your medications and tubing?

“Did you update your name on the white board?”

“Are all your caps covered with the alcohol prep?”

"Can I use your pen?"

"Do you have a stethoscope?"

Can anyone relate? I love waist bags, and I decided I needed to wear one at work to house my nurse essentials.  The essential belt can carry your stethoscope, pens, pencils, dry erase markers, tape, flushes, labels, your work phone, alcohol pads, and most small items you may need at work.  We cannot do it all, but we can be prepared for it all. 

We are not superheroes. We are intelligent, compassionate, and hardworking humans. 

We were essential before you deemed us to be.  Here’s to the resilient, essential humans you just started appreciating. 

Essential-belts are on the site, available for purchase! Shout out to Sistahgirlfriend Arielle for the name suggestion.


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